Faux Greenery

faux greenery

When I first started getting into home décor I would buy real plants and new flowers every week. While I love the smell of some fresh flowers in my home, I realized I was spending A LOT of money on flowers every week. On top of that, I don’t have a green thumb (we’ve talked about this before…spent $200 on a fiddle fig tree, supposedly VERY easy to keep alive, but I killed it with a few months…smh) so buying live plants was also a waste of money. Finally, I started investing in faux greenery and flowers. Why did I not do this sooner?!?! I mean, they don’t need water, they don’t need light and they’ll always look great. What’s easier than that??

But…not all faux greenery is created equal. You really need to take your time and do a little research first. Or, just follow my lead because I’ve already done the hard work for you! I’m sharing my favorite faux greenery and florals that are out there right now plus a few tips on what to look for when shopping for your own.

faux greenery

1. Ikea
A few years ago, I never would have thought of Ikea as a place to get faux plants and florals but that is so not the case. These little plants are so great and so inexpensive, I have them all over my house year-round. Just switch out the containers for a new look. When you are shopping for floral or greenery stems as opposed to plants, you want to pay attention to the look of the stems. You don’t want anything that is very obviously plastic. It should be modeled after how that particular stem looks in real life. Like the Eucalyptus stems listed below, zoom in on the stem. They are made of plastic but they are brown and have contours to look like a twig. Its all in the details.
Here are my faves:
Oregano Plant
Rosemary Plant
Fern Plant
Ranunculus Stem
Daisy Stem
Eucalyptus Stem

farmhouse dining room

2. Pottery Barn
After my real fiddle fig tree died, I went on the hunt for a fake one. When it comes to faux trees and wreaths, those are the 2 categories I would spend a little more on to get a better product. Cheaper trees and wreaths are going to look just that, cheap. After searching through every faux fiddle fig I could find, I settled on the one pictured above, from Pottery Barn. I will link it with my other PB favorites below:
1. Fiddle Fig Tree
2. Lemon Tree
3. Olive Tree

faux greenery

3. Michael’s
I’ve had a lot of luck with garland and seasonal florals at Michaels. As far as their year-round florals, it can be hit or miss. The floral stems are usually so messy that I have no desire to walk through the aisle but every now and then I find something great. Right now they have a really great faux peony that I’ve thought about buying, BUT they are $12 a stem. Very real looking, but I’m gonna wait for a coupon to make that purchase. I believe they are also in-store only, because I can not find them online. Take a look back at my Fall Home Tour, I bought all of my fall garlands, wreaths and pumpkins from Michaels. The trick here is you have to shop early. I think I bought a lot of this last August. The really good styles sell out quick so when they launch their new season, buy your favorites right away and store them until you need to decorate. Top picks from Michaels:
Mixed Fern Garland (pictured above)
Fern Bush (click here to see these in my front door décor)

4. Hobby Lobby
I don’t talk about Hobby Lobby very much, but that’s only because there isn’t one near me. But…that will be remedied by Memorial Day weekend and I AM STOKED about it 🙂 They have a HUGE assortment of faux florals and I’m really excited to be able to shop it in person very soon so stay tuned for lots of product from Hobby Lobby in the future.

farmhouse living room


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