DIY Front Door Decor

spring front door decor

I picked up these faux fern sprays from Michaels in the fall and haven’t used them until now. They are pretty large and bushy and I was struggling to find a bucket, basket or pot that they looked natural in, nothing was really working until I came across this hanging olive bucket at The Urban Coop. If you live in the Portland, OR area, love farmhouse style and haven’t been to this little shop, I HIGHLY recommend making a trip. It is the cutest little shop with beautiful items and I have to stop myself from buying too many things each time I go.

spring front porch decor

On my latest trip, I saw this hanging olive bucket and thought it would be perfect for the fern stems. I wasn’t originally planning to put it on the front door but I love having something other than a wreath hanging there. Unfortunately, Urban Coop doesn’t have a shopable website but I linked a few other hanging olive buckets below…
Wayfair Grange 2 Piece Bucket Set
Willow Mahogany Home Hanging Olive Bucket
The Lauren Collection Hanging Olive Bucket

spring front porch decor

When I stuck the fern stems in the bucket, they kind of sunk in too low, so to prop them up, I waded up some kraft paper and stuffed it in the bottom of the bucket. I used kraft paper because I had some extra leftover from Christmas wrapping and because it is nice and stiff so it wouldn’t sink down the way tissue paper would. You could also use paper grocery bags to get the same effect. And, because I stuffed kraft paper in the bucket, I wanted to cover up the holes a bit so you couldn’t see the paper. Do you see how I kept added more and more steps to something that should have been as simple as 1) put stems in bucket and 2) hang bucket on door. <shaking my head> Anyway, I had some extra green moss lying around as well (not even sure what project that was from) so I just ripped off little pieces and pushed them through the holes in the bucket.

spring front porch decor

That’s that! Pretty simple and I love that it feels fresh and a little more unexpected than a wreath. Now, judging from this picture, I need to go wash down the porch 🙂 Sources for all other items on the porch are listed below.

Painted front door tutorial – Just Like Playing House
Black & White Stripe Rug – Crate & Barrel
Letter “B” Doormat – Bed, Bath & Beyond
Black Large Urn Planters – Lowes
Faux Boxwood Topiary – Ikea
Black Metal Watering Can – Ikea (sold out)
Black Metal Watering Can – Target

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