Fig & Camembert Crostini

I spent most of the first day of summer cooking up a DELICIOUS 4 course meal yesterday and I have to say, I loved every single course! The appetizer was these little crostini with Camembert cheese and a fig spread.

They were so flavorful but yet so quick and easy to prepare, a perfect appetizer for the next time you are hosting dinner guests. Part of what made them so easy is that I didn’t take the time to make the fig spread, but rather just bought a jar at the store. You can find fig spread with the jam & jellies at your grocery store but I also found a brand that makes different flavors of fig spread in a cute little display near the specialty cheese where I shop. The brand I used was Three Little Figs, a local Portland company who makes a great variety of flavored jams. I chose the Balsamic Fresh Fig.

1 baguette loaf
8 ozs Camembert cheese
9 ozs fig spread
olive oil for drizzling
(makes 24 crostini)

1. Preheat oven to 400°F
2. Slice the baguette to approximately 1/2″ pieces and arrange on a cookie sheet
3. Slice the cheese like it is a pie, making enough pieces to have 1 slice of cheese for each slice of baguette. Do not remove the rind as Camembert is meant to be eaten with the rind intact.
3. Drizzle sliced baguettes with olive oil and top with one piece of cheese each, followed by a spoonful of fig spread.
4. Bake in the oven for 4 minutes or until cheese is melted.
5. Serve hot and watch your guests “mmm” and “ahhh” with mouthfuls of deliciousness


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