Inspired by…home of Lauren Conrad


Todo…we’re not in Laguna Beach anymore.

Ever since first watching Lauren Conrad on MTV in “The Real OC” and then promptly following her reality TV career to The Hills, I have enjoyed her. Her no-nonsense approach to drama, her innocence and naivety with men and her impeccable sense of style in both fashion and interiors. She really is someone I have grown up watching and a celebrity I have come to admire in many ways.

Her new LA Penthouse is no different. In an interview and tour with In Style Magazine, Conrad opens up her new home, one she shares with her new husband, William Tell, and lets readers know why she chose all the girly details.


Stacks of fashion books are a mainstay in Conrad’s home office. The rug is made from recycled silk saris; the couch is upholstered in a complementary punchy shade. “I always gravitate toward feminine details,” said Conrad. “On a garment it’s a bow; on a sofa it’s tufting.”


When she was planning the master bathroom, a designated area for hair and makeup was a priority. “For years we’d have to do it in the kitchen because it had the best counters and light,” says her longtime makeup artist, Amy Nadine. “I’d always think, ‘One day can you build a real vanity in your bathroom, please?'”


“This is my dark and sexy room,” Conrad says of the mirrored cocktail bar with a black lacquered ceiling.


To keep her kitchen organized, Conrad stacks her all-white everyday dishes on the open shelves above the sink. “All food looks more appealing on white plates,” she says.


“I wanted the living room to feel like an airy New York loft,” says Conrad of the space, which boasts a soaring ceiling and is awash in neutrals, with touches of pink and gold.


“William likes modern, masculine interiors, and I’d be happy in a place that’s all white and pink with gold accents.”


“In my last apartment I turned a bedroom into a closet, so I knew I needed at least that much space,” she says. “When I did that again here, my dad almost had a heart attack. He said, ‘Do you know what you’re doing to the value of your house?'”


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