Landon’s “Wild One” Birthday


I thought I would jump on here while Landon is napping to share what has been keeping me so busy this last week. Our little guy turned 1, so naturally, I had to throw a party. Granted, this was more of a party for the grown ups than for the kids as there were only 5 kids there…oops. But, after our first year as parents, I think all parents deserve a party 🙂

Like everything, I always turn to Pinterest for inspiration and found a few cute themes for a first birthday, but ended up going with Where The Wild Things Are or Wild One. I had actually planned on doing a few other things than what is pictured here but because I ALWAYS procrastinate, I ran out of time for a few projects.

Anyway, the party was so much fun, Landon was such a trooper and had fun the entire time. A huge thank you to all our friends and family who came to help us celebrate this little guy. It’s been one wild year and we wouldn’t have it any other way!


“Welcome to my party!” 🙂 This kid! His crown was a little floppy AND the fur trim came off because I used iron-on adhesive instead of sewing it…fail. So, we switched to a different crown later that I had order off Amazon. (You’ll see that in the cake smash photos). His onsie was just a plain white one that I added an iron-on transfer to. He also had a tail made from the same fur as the trim on the crown, sadly, we never really got a good photo of it.



I set up this little area for the kids to play in. Teepee and rug are from Target. Chalkboard sign is from Michael’s and says “Let’s make mischief of one kind or another!”. Banners are both blank banners from Target. On the Wild One banner, I just used a black sharpie on the letters and in the same felt I used for Landon’s crown, I cut out little crowns and used wood glue to attach them to the wood banner pieces.


This is probably why I didn’t get as many little projects done as I had planned on. I spent a few hours, at least 4, working on this guy. I love it though, it was a fun way to let everyone know a little more about the birthday boy. I already had the chalkboard door, this was a DIY I did a while ago. You can see that post here.


 I have to give a HUGE shout out to my sister and my mom for getting all the food ready the day of the party, while I was running around doing other things. Food at parties always stresses me out and I always wind up wishing I’d had it catered. But, it turned out great thanks to my helpers!

I tried to keep the menu pretty simple because of the timing of the party, late afternoon to early evening and tried to come up with fun names for the food that went with the theme of the party. Some of the names were a stretch :). We served veggie sticks (Veggie Vines) with dip (Wild Thing Dip), fresh fruit (Speared Fruit), goat cheese rolled in chopped chives (Mossy Rocks), Party Mix w/Goldfish crackers (Fish Food) and Ham & Cheese Sliders (Wolf Biscuits). The Ham & Cheese Sliders are amazing, by the way, and I always use this recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything.

The tree trunk plaques I used as serving platters are from Michaels and the chalkboard food signs are from Target.



The desserts (and Landon’s cake smash) were probably my favorite part of the whole party. I did not make these! No way! I went searching for a custom cake shop in the area and came across Laurie Clarke Cakes in Wilsonville and you guys…AMAZING! I felt so silly when I messaged her because #1 – that party was 1 week away (me the procrastinator…remember?) and #2 – I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted, just had a photo of the smash cake and pretty much just said “here’s what I like, do what you can”. I know…who am I? But this is what she came up with!!!! So perfect and SO delicious! If you are in the Portland area and need cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, use Laurie…you won’t be sorry!


Just a couple little touches…bubbles to keep the kids occupied. Just used little white craft bags from Michaels and printed labels on the computer that said “A trick to tame the wild things”. I also got Landon a copy of Where The Wild Things Are and had party guests write a little note to him. A fun reminder for him to look back on one day.


We ended the evening by singing happy birthday and letting Landon go to town on his smash cake. It was pretty cute, he would get a hand full of frosting, put it in his mouth, and then look around as everyone laughed at him. Then, repeat 🙂

Such a fun evening. And I would do it all again. Just maybe not procrastinate so much next time 😉

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