DIY Yard Yahtzee Scoreboard

DIY yahtzee scoreboard
These scoreboards were a bit of trial and error in terms of the paint markers I used as well as the spacing of all the boxes but I think I finally nailed it.

I started with plain 12×12 pine boards that I got from Michael’s. In store, they carry different sizes and boards with different thickness. I bought the 3/4″ thickness.


I used a matte black chalkboard paint to paint all sides of the pine boards. To write on the content of the scoreboards, I found these great permanent chalk markers at Target. They worked so much better than the paint markers that I originally bought.

diy yahtzee scoreboard
Next I used the chalk markers and a straight edge ruler to create the scoreboard grid. The marker set comes with 1 bold tip marker (which I used for the grid) and 2 fine tip markers (which I used for the words).
From top to bottom, the boxes are 1/2″ tall, with the exception of the “Yahtzee Bonus” box, which is 1″.
Across the top, from the left to right, the boxes are 3 1/2″, 2 1/2″, and the rest are 1″.

Use regular chalk to write in scores and wipe away with a wet rag.
See DIY Yard Yahtzee for dice instructions and have fun!

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