DIY Faux Floral Centerpiece

diy faux floral centerpiece

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for my Magnolia Market purchases to show up and THEY FINALLY ARRIVED!! I ordered 5 of these faux paper white bulbs as well as the faux magnolia leaf wreath that I hung on my wooden spool clock.

I think by now, you all know that I don’t do real plants anymore. I just can’t seem to keep them alive, so why waste the money? So now, I’m constantly on the hunt for authentic looking faux florals and plants to liven up my home. I had seen Joanna Gaines use these paper white bulbs on a few episodes of Fixer Upper so I went in search of where to buy them. What do you know, they are from Magnolia Market. Except now I have a big problem. I want everything that they sell!

planter box
dry floral foam
faux floral bulbs
dry moss

1. To create the centerpiece, I started with the DIY Planter Box that I posted last fall.


2. Next, I used dry floral foam to create a base to stick the bulbs in. You don’t need to glue to floral foam down, just cut it with a knife to the size of your planter  box. I would also leave a little space on the sides as well as make sure the foam sits below the top edge of the box, that way your moss covering won’t be overflowing and can squish into the sides to stay in place a bit.


3. These are the faux paper white bulbs I used from Magnolia Market. They have nice thick stakes on the bottom so you can easily insert them into the floral foam.


4. So, I stuck the bulbs in the foam and then added the moss around the bulbs, however, learn from my mistakes…if I did it again, I would layer the moss on top of the foam and then insert the bulbs over the moss. This will also help to hold the moss in place a bit. Move the bulb “roots” to the side before you put the bulbs in the foam so that they stick out through the moss.


diy faux floral centerpiece

diy faux floral centerpiece

And just for fun…a few shots of my new wreath!!



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