Top Posts of 2015

Happy New Year everyone! Is it lame that it’s New Years Eve and I’m at home, on the couch, in sweatpants, blogging…?

I just couldn’t bring myself to want to go out tonight. It’s freezing cold outside, I’m still not completely over my cold from Christmas and let’s face it…I’m a little lazy these days.

I can not believe 2015 is already over. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was sitting down planning all the things I wanted to do with the blog for the year. Real life certainly got in the way of my plans. My new years resolution is to be more organized and plan all the tasks I need to accomplish this year. I tend to be very spontaneous with my projects…”I feel like starting on the backyard deck today”…works on it for 2-3 days, realizes what a HUGE job it is, has to go back to real job the next day, then slowly gets a few feet done at a time, total projects lasts months. Oops! My goal over the next two months is to finish the handful of projects that are halfway done in the house right now…painting the kitchen cabinets, changing the stairs over from carpet to hardwood, crown molding in the upstairs, finally make the matching benches for the farmhouse table. I’m tired just thinking about it! I got my cute Sugar Paper 2016 planner from Target today and I’m ready to take on the year with BIG goals ahead of me!

Cheers to you all! Thank you for all your love and support this year. Be safe tonight and enjoy a look back at the top posts of 2015!

1. Industrial Pipe Desk


2. Blanket Ladder


3. Inspired by…home of Joanna Gaines


4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups


5. DIY Yard Yahtzee


6. Wooden Spool Clock


7. Wire Basket Nightstand


8. Inspired by…accent walls


9. Squash Egg-In-The-Hole


10. Bacon Roasted Brussel Sprouts


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