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I finally bought a fiddle leaf fig tree!!!! I have been wanting one of these for SO long but have been nervous to pull the trigger because they are spendy and I have what you would call a black thumb as opposed to a green thumb. Now, I didn’t re-pot the plant because as I was driving it home with a giddy smile on my face, my mom texted me and said “is it poisonous for dogs?” Well, crap! It is!! The woman at the plant nursery said it is only toxic if the leaves are ingested and not in a fatal way but that I can return the plant if it makes me nervous. I am going to talk to my vet today but I really hope I don’t have to get rid of my new favorite décor item!

I have also wanted a large chalkboard for my dining room for dinner party menus for quite some time and in this house, I have so much room, I decided to make it happen. I got the idea from my mama, of course, she turns old windows and doors into chalkboards for her store all the time. It is such an easy DIY, anyone can do this.

old door or window
paint in color of your choice for the frame
black Chalkboard paint
old handle or hardware to cover the hole from doorknob (if using a door)

Step 1: This is the door I started with, I wanted on with a beveled edge leading into one large center square with no other design so I could use the entire center space for the chalkboard. I get things like this from Habitat for Humanity Restore, it is a great resource for used EVERYTHING when it comes to the home.
Step 2: I used Heirloom Traditions chalk paint in A La Mode to paint the edges of the door. I decided to leave the old hinges on the door because they were so covered in old paint that it was going to be such a pain to take them off and because I knew they would be somewhat hidden by the plant where I was placing the door. You leave them on, take them off, add different old hinges to match the door knob, whatever you choose.

DIY menu chalkboard

Step 3: Use black chalkboard paint to make your chalkboard, I used Valspar Interior Matte Chalkboard Paint in Black. I’ve used this chalkboard paint before and it works really well, goes on smooth and levels itself out pretty well.

DIY menu chalkboard

Step 4: Add your hardware. I got this handle from my mom’s house, whenever I’m there I tend to go shopping in all the knick knacks and unpainted furniture she has waiting to be used. It’s a gold mine there! I’m not sure where she got this one but Hobby Lobby, Anthropology and World Market are great places to find cool old knobs and handles.

DIY menu chalkboard

Step 5: Just some basic chalkboard chalk and dream up your perfect dinner party menu. Enjoy and happy Saturday!!

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    1. I believe the tree only produces figs when planted outside in a wet rainforest environment. I did find out, after I bought it that it is toxic to dogs & cats. After more research, it seems it is only toxic if they ingest the leaves and even then it is not fatal, usually just causes vomiting or diarrhea. Not ideal but the leaves are up high so I shouldn’t have to worry about the pups, unless I neglect the plant and leaves fall off 🙁

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