DIY Baby Gate


Ok…let’s get something out of the way. November kicked my butt. Big time. I took this break from blogging to get my stuff together, get organized, be more consistent. And, October was great! I posted consistently, I was happy with what I was posting. Then, November happened. Halloween (ok, that’s October, but still) and DIY Halloween costumes, Landon’s first birthday and a fun party to celebrate him (where I may or may not have gone a bit overboard with the theme and décor), a trip to California for a family wedding which included Landon’s first airplane ride, and was promptly followed by his first cold, and then Thanksgiving. Continue reading

DIY Chalkboard Sign


Confession…I love chalkboards. Or, I love creating cute little works of art on chalkboards. Weird, I know. I have created some fun chalkboard signs for my mom’s business and thought it was time I have one in my home. I created a new photo gallery wall in our living room and took down the old gallery wall which was hanging in this space.

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Deck Restoration, Part 2


When I got to the point of being ready and able to start getting projects done again, with the urging of my husband, I knew I needed to finish up some things I had started before I got pregnant. A few examples…

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DIY Floating Shelves

DIY floating shelves

I am so excited to FINALLY share this project with you all! I have been working on it for what feels like forever. Wait…you mean…having a baby will drastically change the amount of time in the day you have to accomplish things?!?! Case in point, I’ve been trying to write this blog post for 3 days now 🙂

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DIY Blanket Ladder


Can we talk about the LIFE-CHANGING discovery I made a couple weeks ago. It was an average night, we had just eaten dinner and were sitting on the couch when the inevitable conversation came up…”Did you get anything for dessert?” my husband asks…
I hadn’t…fail.

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DIY Spa Bathtub Tray

diy spa bathtub tray

I’ve been wanting to do this project for a while. Especially because I’ve been spending so much more time in the bathtub these last few months. I wanted the spa-like relaxation but, truth be told, I also wanted a place to set my laptop so I could get some blog work done while I’m unwinding. And, after baby comes, it’ll be a handy place to set my wine glass too…can’t wait for wine again!

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DIY Vintage Scoreboard

diy vintage scoreboard

Nesting has officially set in…I’m feeling to pressure of the timeline and that this little munchkin is only 14 weeks away. Man…when I write it down like that, it seems even closer! I really haven’t done much in the nursery yet other than getting the crib, a light fixture (which is currently sitting on the floor) and some wood blinds (also not installed, still in the box).

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DIY T.V. Stand

I’m back!!! It has been SO long since I’ve posted! I’m so happy to be back and have all sorts of great content planned for the next few weeks.

Since I’ve been gone, hubby and I went to Hawaii on a little getaway. The trip was absolutely INCREDIBLE and we fell in love with the island of Kauai, so much so, that we didn’t want to come home.

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DIY Planter Centerpiece

DIY planter centerpiece
My first cold of the season…and I am not a happy camper. I hate being sick because it makes me feel so unproductive but I guess it is good for me to just slow down and rest for a while. I took it easy today and threw together this cute little faux planter centerpiece for my dining room farm table.

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DIY Upcycled Frame

DIY upcycled frameAs I type this, I am watching Fixer Upper re-runs and the episode where Joanna created a wall sign with the saying “today is a good day for a good day” is on! It’s meant to be that I have this sign in my home and post it for you all.

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DIY Cornhole


I got to spend the day, Saturday, watching one of my good friends say “I do” to her best friend in the most beautiful backyard, DIY, setting. The look and feel of the ceremony and reception couldn’t have been more perfect for Jessie & Kyle.

This was also the wedding I was making the DIY yard games for, such a cute and personal touch that Jessie wanted to add to her big day. I think, of all 3 games I made, Cornhole was my favorite, probably because I created a personalized monogram and painted it onto the cornhole boards so it would feel just a bit more special.

4 – 2x4x8 studs
4 – 1x6x8 boards
2″ hinges
wood glue
2 1/2″ nails
2″ finish nails
straight edge
measuring tape
stain or paint color of your choice
polyurethane top coat
8 bean bags

1. First, you will cut the studs to make the frame
cuts – use your 2x4x8 and make the following cuts
-4 pieces cut to 43″
-4 pieces cut to 15″
Set the rest of your 2x4x8 aside for later use


(This photo just shows the cut pieces for one cornhole board. Keep in mind, you will have double this amount.)

2. Use wood glue and 2 1/2″ nails to attach the boards together to form the frame, 43″ boards will sit vertically and the 15″ boards will sit horizontally inside the 43″ boards.


3. Now for the top boards, you will simply cut your 1x6x8 boards in half at 4′.


4. Next, I laid the 1×6 boards side by side to make sure there were no major bows in the wood and that they laid flat, rearrange the order of the boards if necessary. Once you determine the order the boards will lay, you are going to draw the hole on the 2 center boards. The center of the hole should be 9″ from the top of the board and the hole should be 6″ in diameter. I used the lid of a 1 gallon paint can to draw the circle for cuts.


5. Use your jig saw to make the cutout for the hole


6. Now, make a couple of marks to determine the placement of your center 1×6 boards. Find the center of the frame by making a mark at 9″, this is where your center 1×6 boards will meet. On your 1×6 boards, measure and mark 2 1/2″ from the top and bottom. This is where the 1×6 boards will meet the edge of the frame. Use wood glue and 2″ finish nails to attach the 1×6 boards to the frame making sure to line up the edges of the hole, NOT the top and bottom edges of the boards. If the boards aren’t completely even at the top and bottom, don’t worry, you can use the jig saw once all 4 boards are attached to even out the top and bottom cuts.


7. Use wood glue and 2″ finish nails to attach the outside boards to complete to top of the cornhole boards. Once all 4 boards are attached, use your jigsaw to even out your top and bottom edges if necessary.


8. Now you are going to flip your board over and attach the retractable legs. Use your remaining 2x4x8 to cut the legs, cut 4 pieces at 11″ each. On the underside of your board, place the legs about 1/2″ from the side edge of the frame and flush with the top edge. Attach the legs with the 2″ hinges so that when you are storing the game boards, you can fold the legs down and under the frame.


9. Last step is to paint and seal! I used Minwax stain in Walnut and sealed with Minwax Polyurethane top coat. Before sealing, I also added a custom monogram with the couples initials. If you want to do this, you can use a stencil, I did the monogram freehand and it’s much easier than you would think. I used a piece of string measured to the width of the boards, minus 1″. I held one end of the string in the center of the boards and attached the other end to a pencil and drew a complete circle to contain the monogram. Then using pencil, I sketched the outline of the letters. I used Heirloom Traditions chalk paint in “a la mode” to paint the monogram. Once it was dry, I went over the monogram with some fine grit sandpaper to rough it up a bit. This also helps with the edges of the lettering, it doesn’t need to be perfecting straight if you are going to sand it for a rough look.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t make the bean bags because of time constraints. You can find bean bags at most sporting good stores or if you want cute colors or patterns, try searching on Etsy for custom made bean bags. Maybe one day I’ll give that a DIY shot too!

Wire Basket Nightstand


You guys….$42 is all this nightstand cost me to make!! And would you believe, I made it out of a wire hamper basket from Target?? Yep! On top of that…the whole thing took me about 20 minutes 🙂 Feeling pretty good right about now!


I found this wire hamper basket at Target for $24, it came with a cloth insert which I removed.


I was going to build a tabletop out of 2x4s until I found this stain grade pine project round at Lowe’s. It was the perfect size, 2 foot, so I took a shot. They also had a couple different sizes for different size projects.


I laid the wood round on the floor, turned the basket upside down and centered it on the wood round and attached the basket with wood joiners by tapping the wood joiners with a hammer.


Next, I stained the wood round with Minwax wood stain in dark walnut. I know, I know…it’s my favorite stain color…what can I say 🙂 I just put on one coat with a cloth, wiping off the excess so the wood grain shows through.


Final step, decorating!


Lamp: Homegoods
Candle: Voluspa
Mercury glass vase & magnolia flowers: Z Gallerie
Bedding, pillows & throw blanket: Pottery Barn

Industrial Pipe Desk


I had so much fun with this project! It was a true DIY, taking some inspiration from Pinterest and creating my own building plans. Most of the pipe desks I’ve seen are simple straight lines. I wanted a tiny bit more interest so I incorporated the crisscross design in the base of the desk.

When we first saw this house, the previous owners had a recliner and a small side table sitting in this little bay window alcove. It’s taken me a while to decide what to turn this area into. We thought about making it a bar, however, we don’t entertain THAT often that we need such a large area dedicated to alcohol. If we had kids, this space would make a great play area. My husband suggested we put a poker table there…veto. So I landed on an office space. A space for my blogging, my planning, and hopefully one day, my home based business.

The best part about this piece of furniture is that the plans can easily be altered to be shorter and narrower for a coffee table, or to just change the size to customize the desk for your particular space. It is also quick and easy to assemble with very little “building”. You can also use galvanized pipe for a silver base instead of the black cast iron pipe that I used and can stain or paint the top any color you want.

(plans for desk 75″L x 27.5″W x 29″H, all pipe is 1/2″ fitting in black cast iron)
8 – floor flange fittings
4 – 1 1/2″ nipple fittings
12 – 2″ tee fittings
2 – 72″ pipe
4 – 18″ pipe
4 – 10″ pipe
2 – 12″ pipe
2 – 8″ pipe
4 – 5″ pipe
5 – 2×6 @ 8 feet long
1 – 2×4 @ 8 feet long
wood glue
2 1/2″ finish nails

Step 1 –

Begin with the 2 72″ pipes and 4 of the tee fittings. Attach a tee fitting to each end of the pipes so that each end looks like this…

Step 2 –
First, take the 2 assembled pieces and lay them in front of you lengthwise so they are parallel to each other, and space them about 2 feet apart.
Working with bar #1 (the bar closest to you) on the bar’s right end, attach an 8″ pipe to the right side of the tee and a 12″ pipe to the left side of the tee.
Now, on bar #2 (the bar furthest from you) but on the opposite end, the bar’s left end, attach an 8″ pipe the right  of the tee and a 12″ pipe to the left of the tee.
You should have the left end of bar #1 and the right end of bar #2 with nothing attached. Now attach all 4 of the 10″ pipes to those ends.

Step 3 –
Attach tee fittings to all 4 end points on both legs. When the tee fittings are tightened, they should sit perpendicular to the existing pipes.

Step 4 –
On the right end of bar #1, attach the 1 1/2″ nipple fitting to the bottom side of the 2 tee fittings. Then attach a floor flange to each of the 1 1/2″ nipple fittings. This will create the feet of the desk. Do the same thing on the left end of bar #2.

(*Note* When I first built the desk, I used 5″ pipes instead of the 1 1/2″ nipple fittings but the desk turned out too tall so I later changed them to 1 1/2″ nipple fittings. This is why the feet of your desk may look shorter than the one pictured.)

Step 5 –
Use the 4 18″ pipes and attached them to each tee fitting above the feet.
Now, take bar #1 and lift the crisscross bar to sit on top of the legs of bar #2. This next part may be a little tricky. In order to attach bar #1 to the legs of bar #2, unscrew the tee fittings and attach them to the 18″ pipes, making sure when they are fully tightened, that the cross fitting is still facing the crossbars. Then to attach the crossbars, you will need to twist the bar into the tee fitting as you slightly untwist it from the tee fitting on the opposite end. This seems odd, but it will be sturdy as long as the pipe is partially screwed into each tee fitting.

Step 6 –
Attach the 5″ pipes to all four tee fittings followed by the remaining 4 floor flanges attached to the 5″ pipes.

Step 7 –
For the desk top, I took 5 2×6 boards cut to 75″ long and laid them out side by side. Then cut 2 2×4 boards to 23 1/2″, laid them crosswise across the 2×6 boards as supports and attached the 2x4s to the 2x6s with wood glue and 2 1/2″ finish nails.

Step 8 –
To attach the desk top, with the desk top laying 2×4 side up, turn the desk base over onto the desk top. The 4 floor flanges attached to the 5″ pipe should be sitting on the underside of the desk top. When the desk base is centered, attach the desk base to the desk top using 1 1/4″ wood screws through the 4 holes on each flange.

Done and done! Now you can stain or paint your desk top to your preference and work away at your new office space. Next up for me, a desk chair!


Blanket Ladder

Sometimes you just need to have a lazy unproductive day to keep your sanity. Which is exactly what I did today. I’ve been a little over-stressed from work lately and finally had a day off with nothing planned and I did exactly that. Nothing. Ok, well not exactly nothing. I did have a morning to night marathon of Season 1 of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, which is my new favorite guilty pleasure show.

This DIY blanket ladder was the easiest and quickest project ever! I think it took about 30 minutes to put together and only cost about $10 to make!!

2 2×4 @ 8ft
1 2×6 @ 8ft
2″ wood screws
Skill saw
Kreg Jig

1. Use your skill saw to make the following cuts:
2 2×4 cut to 5ft each
4 2×6 cut to 17″ each


2. Use your Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes into the 4 2×6 pieces for 2 inch wood screws.


3. Lay one of the 2x4s on flat, level ground. the left side of the 2×4 will be the front of your ladder. Measure and mark every 12″ along to front of the ladder where your rungs will sit. Take one of the 2x6s and set it on the 2×4, turned slightly diagonal, so that the bottom of the 2×6 is even with the front of your ladder and the top of your 2×6 is even with the back of the ladder. Attach with 2″ wood screws.


4. Continue with the other 3 2x6s at each of the 12″ marks.


5. Once you’ve attached all 2x6s, measure and mark every 12″ on the other 2×4, lay it on a flat ground and turn the ladder over so that the rungs meet up with the opposite side and attach with 2″ wood screws.


Easy peasy! Now paint or stain to your desired color and add your blankets!


As usual, I used Minwax stain in Dark Walnut. Both blankets are from Target.


Pillar Candle Chandelier


We moved into this house and one of the things I loved most was the huge open area off the kitchen where I could create a dining room complete with a farm table for entertaining. The only problem, and something I didn’t want to tackle, there was no overhead electrical in the room! Yes, I will add lamps to the room to brighten it up but you can’t have a gorgeous farm table with no rustic overhead light fixture!! It just felt weird.

This is what I came up with, inspired by the many pillar candle fixtures I’ve seen at so many home retailers.


 Because there was no overhead electrical and because I didn’t want to attempt fixing that problem, I used battery operated flameless candles. This is a safer option anyway when the candles are overhead and in a not-so-accessible location.

1″x12″x48″ Poplar Board
Paint or stain in color of your choice (I used Minwax Dark Walnut)
Drill & 1/2″ Drill Bit
3/8″ Sisal Rope (about 5 feet)
2 ceiling hooks
flameless candles

Step 1: Measure in 1 1/2″ on each corner of the poplar board and use the 1/2″ drill bit to drill 4 holes.


Step 2: Stain or paint you poplar board to the color of your choice. I used Minwax Stain in Dark Walnut. I brushed on 1 coat of color and wiped off the excess stain with an old rag to let the wood grain show through.

Step 3: While the poplar board dries, attach you ceiling hooks. Determine the area you want your chandelier to hang. From the center, measure out 2 feet on each side, this is where each hook will go. As you screw the hooks into the ceiling, end with the hooks facing away from each other.

Step 4: Cut 2 pieces of rope, each 4 feet long (this length may vary based on how high your ceiling is). Lay your board in front of you, turned horizontally. Feed 1 end of rope #1 through the top right hole of the board. On the underside of the board, tie the rope in a knot so that there is about 1 inch of rope hanging below the knot. Feed the other end of rope #1 through the bottom right hole of the board and make another knot. Repeat on the left side of the board with rope #2. Place the center of each rope on the ceiling hooks and check for level.

Step 5: Add candles and enjoy!