I can finally let you all know why I’ve been a little MIA lately…


That’s right! Baby Blackwood is arriving in Fall 2016!!!!


We are beyond excited for this little adventure and I am already so obsessed with this little munchkin!


I’ve certainly been lucky to not have much morning sickness, however, the fatigue is no joke! Working a full time job, keeping a house running smoothly and trying to work on projects for blog has been a huge challenge during the first trimester. I came home from work so exhausted everyday and on my days off, just getting out of bed, showering, going to the grocery store and cleaning the house was a win in my book. I am 13 weeks now, and feel my energy levels getting somewhat back to normal, although, every once in a while I push myself too hard and am useless on my day off…like today. So I thought I’d just lie in bed and post to you all!


Not only is our family expanding, but the blog is expanding too! I’ve added a “Baby” page to the menu to share all the updates, planning, decorating and preparations related to baby. My hope is to be open and honest about this journey, to share excitement and fears, and to maybe inspire someone else along the way. This is our first child so I really don’t know what to expect but I have to give a shoutout to my friends and family. I have an amazing support system and lucky, most of my girlfriends have had babies and are the most supportive, non-judgmental group of women and I am so lucky to have them through all of this. And a shout out to my amazingly talented photography friend Janine, of J Soltman Photography, who took these beautiful photos of hubby and I. On top of that, my husband has already been absolutely amazing! Helping me out when I need it and being so understanding when I’m not feeling well or…when I start crying…out of no where…and he has no idea why…:)


I hope you all are excited for the new blog addition, probably not as excited as I am 🙂 I would love your comments and suggestions about things you’d like to see me post about.

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