Foyer Table Re-do


  I’m SO excited about this table you guys!! This was my first project with Annie Sloan chalk paint and I’m hooked. My mom has been using Annie Sloan paint on her furniture (she re-finishes old furniture and does an amazing job, check out her Facebook page…Simply Country Quilts & Antiques) and she swears by it.

I wanted to get a distressed and “roughed up” look with this so I really got after the sanding but I love how it turned out. The great thing about finishing your own furniture is that you don’t pay much and if you don’t like it, just paint it again!

Here are my steps to get this kind of look…

I started with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White, the Soft Wax in clear and her small pure bristle brush. Her paint brushes are a little spendy but the quality is amazing and you can use the same brush for paint and wax by just washing with soap and water and letting it dry completely in between uses.

I found this round pedestal table at a thrift store for $35! I did sand the table down before I painted it but only because I was using white paint and there were some stains in the finish that would come out with cleaner that I didn’t want to show through the paint. Otherwise, you can paint right over the top of whatever color or finish is on the furniture. Keep in mind that if you are going to sand the furniture down to get an “antique” look, whatever color is underneath is going to show through.

I put on 2 coats of paint, letting it dry for about 2 hours in between coats. Then I applied a coat of the clear Soft Wax, which helps to protect the furniture and seal in the paint. I applied the wax 1 section at a time and then after a minute or two, used a clean, dry cloth to wipe away the excess. Once I was finished waxing, I began to sand the table to get the desired worn look I was going for.

I used a small electric sander because I knew I wanted a fairly distressed look, however, if you want it less distressed, just use a piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the edges and moulding by hand. Once I finished sanding, I wiped the table down to get rid of the dust left behind by the sander and then applied a second coat of wax.

And that’s that! I can’t wait to add some decorative touches to the foyer now and I especially can’t wait to do my next piece of furniture!

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