Blanket Ladder

Sometimes you just need to have a lazy unproductive day to keep your sanity. Which is exactly what I did today. I’ve been a little over-stressed from work lately and finally had a day off with nothing planned and I did exactly that. Nothing. Ok, well not exactly nothing. I did have a morning to night marathon of Season 1 of Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, which is my new favorite guilty pleasure show.

This DIY blanket ladder was the easiest and quickest project ever! I think it took about 30 minutes to put together and only cost about $10 to make!!

2 2×4 @ 8ft
1 2×6 @ 8ft
2″ wood screws
Skill saw
Kreg Jig

1. Use your skill saw to make the following cuts:
2 2×4 cut to 5ft each
4 2×6 cut to 17″ each


2. Use your Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes into the 4 2×6 pieces for 2 inch wood screws.


3. Lay one of the 2x4s on flat, level ground. the left side of the 2×4 will be the front of your ladder. Measure and mark every 12″ along to front of the ladder where your rungs will sit. Take one of the 2x6s and set it on the 2×4, turned slightly diagonal, so that the bottom of the 2×6 is even with the front of your ladder and the top of your 2×6 is even with the back of the ladder. Attach with 2″ wood screws.


4. Continue with the other 3 2x6s at each of the 12″ marks.


5. Once you’ve attached all 2x6s, measure and mark every 12″ on the other 2×4, lay it on a flat ground and turn the ladder over so that the rungs meet up with the opposite side and attach with 2″ wood screws.


Easy peasy! Now paint or stain to your desired color and add your blankets!


As usual, I used Minwax stain in Dark Walnut. Both blankets are from Target.


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