Broccoli & Pecorino Pesto Spaghetti Squash

broccoli & pecorino pesto spaghetti squash
Well! What a week, full of ups and downs! I accepted a new job that I am so excited about! Don’t you worry, I have every intention of keeping this blog going but was feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of essentially working a full-time job while still keeping this “part-time hobby” going. I’ve had so much fun this summer with my DIY projects, remodeling and cooking and getting to share it all with you on this site but have been stressing about scheduling and juggling it all.

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Converting carpeted stairs to hardwood

hardwood stair conversion
I feel like I’ve been a bit MIA this week. There has been a lot going on and a lot of good things in the works but this week I definitely struggled to balance it all. Here’s to hoping I get my act together next week 🙂

The exciting news is that I did get my carpet stairs converted to hard wood! This was by far my biggest project to date. Now, luckily for me, my stairs are fairly simple in that it is just the risers and treads, no banisters or newel posts to deal with. I was hoping that when I pulled up the carpet I would get lucky and discover original hardwood stairs but sadly, just nasty, paint-splattered plywood.

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Faux Wrought Iron Wall Decor

faux wrought iron wall decor
While online shopping for some wall décor that I liked, I came across a gorgeous hand carved wood plaque that came in 3 panels. It was beautiful and the perfect size for the large wall space I was wanting to fill. Then I looked to the right and saw the price…$800. Of course! This is why I started this blog, as my dad always says, I have champagne taste on a beer budget.

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Ginger-Soy-Lime Shrimp

ginger soy lime shrimp
I got a text from my friend Nancy one day saying I had to try these shrimp. Nancy loves herself some shrimp, she is always trying different marinades and recipes on them when we go over for dinner. So when she told me I HAD to try this Bobby Flay recipe, I knew it must be the best yet. And boy was it!

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Baseboard How-To

baseboard how-to
I started installing the baseboard in the foyer this week and realized I should have done this before the crown moulding because it is way easier to do. The fact that the baseboard sits flat against the wall makes both cutting and installation much easier. I actually used door & window casing as my baseboard because I liked the look of it more than the floor baseboard options. And I chose a moulding that was already primed because I wanted to paint it white.

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