No-Sew Pillows


I went shopping for outdoor pillows for the front porch bench the other day. I had a pretty specific idea of what color and patterns I wanted which made it that much more difficult to find the right ones. When I finally found them, what do you know, they were $80 per pillow! Beautiful pillows, but no. So, I decided to make my own. And then I realized…I don’t exactly know how to sew. I mean I’m sure I could have figured it out if I really spent the time on it (I have my mom’s old sewing machine that I’ve never used…sorry mom) but that would’ve taken me days and at that point I might as well have just spent the $80 per pillow. But I had heard of no-sew pillows and decided to give it a try and it actually worked out really well!

I went to a fabric store and found the outdoor fabric, and I was surprised at the large selection of colors and patterns. I selected two different patterns, got 1 yard of fabric for each pillow and picked up a couple of pillow inserts. I was making 18″ pillows and the 1 yard of fabric for each worked out perfectly but if you are making pillows any large than 18″ it gets a little trickier.


1. Lay out your fabric on a flat surface, turned diagonally so that the points are at the top, bottom and sides.


2. Take the bottom point and fold it up over the pillow, tucking any excess fabric underneath.


3. Take your top point and fold the edge over to create a clean line, then fold the fabric over the pillow. Your “seam” should be down the center of the pillow and if you have a pattern like a stripe, you may need to adjust your folds a bit to get the pattern to line up.


4. Take the fabric on the left side and fold to more of a point, like you’re wrapping a present. It won’t look perfect but that is ok. Bring the fabric from the left side and fold it over the pillow. Do the same thing on the right side, and bring the fabric from both sides together in the center of the pillow and tie them in a knot. Be sure to go slow when tying your knot, you will need to adjust the fabric as you go to ensure that the patterned side of the fabric is showing. Once you’ve tied your knot, you can adjust the corners and tuck the excess fabric under the folds.


Ta da! How simple was that! And if you don’t want the knot showing, just flip the pillow over to show the smooth surface on the other side!


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